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Betting Reminiscences

Posted: Thu Mar 26, 2020 8:35 pm
by harry_rag
Feel free to join in if it helps pass the time. Few things we could do like how you got into punting, biggest wins, worst losses, most embarrassing mistakes etc.

Let’s start with your betting beginnings. Allow me to express myself as Kevin Rowland might say.

Early betting would’ve been social, e.g. my dad liked the occasional game of pontoon on a Bank Holiday which would typically end up with me doubling or losing my pocket money. I can also remember playing poker and other card games for money in the 6th form, either at school or someone’s house, to very small stakes. I remember one piece of spectacular cheating where me and the lad next to me both folded, compared our hands and realised we had 5 aces between us (2s were wild). I somehow got away with rejoining the betting and taking the pot which we split. I don’t think I’ve ever cheated other than that and I salve my conscience by saying the rest of them got what they deserved for being so unobservant! I also remember losing more than normal to my mate one night and him giving me the chance to double or quits via high card. After several rounds of that I had to stop as I’d lost an “enormous” amount (about £6.40 I think)! My self inflicted punishment was no lunch for a week, just an apple a day.

First nervous foray into a betting shop would be the obvious Grand National. I can also remember betting on the Derby when it was midweek because a girl I fancied wanted to have a bet on it and wasn’t old enough to go in the bookies (that sounds dodgy, she was only a year younger than me). First footy betting was when I moved to a team at work where all the blokes put a fixed odds coupon on every weekend. I saw them being passed around and became interested. Started putting one on myself, used to use the form guides in the daily paper then started buying the RP every Friday as it had all the form and prices. Used to love the Friday night form study. Had a bit of beginners luck with some chunky 5 folds landed me a few £100. I remember seriously pissing the Hills manager off by excitedly rushing round for my winnings not long after the results were in. I think the expected etiquette was you waited till Monday! No Sunday racing then, and I can just about remember prices being on blackboards.

Sorry that went on so long, I’ll pause there and part two will be a more conscise summary of my transition to being a more serious punter! :snooze

Re: Betting Reminiscences

Posted: Sat Mar 28, 2020 2:09 pm
by harry_rag
Must admit my own enthusiasm for this spur of the moment rambling has waned somewhat so not surprised at the lack of response (though I see Fenners is threatening us with his whole life story)! {8

To quickly finish it off, I noticed the tips on various sports in the RP and cottoned onto the idea of trying to make a profit by betting on singles rather than tilting at accas. Became interested in Spread Betting when that came on the scene and started opening accounts. Also enjoyed reading "soccer boffin" Kevin Pullein's articles over the years and found my own approach to framing "true" odds across a variety of markets, which has evolved over time. I've largely stuck to sports betting for my "serious" bets and just bet on horses for "fun". No doubt missed plenty of winners on here over the years but there's only so much time to devote to betting (normally) and my main enjoyment is trying to crack the footy and rugger betting etc.

Went online in the early noughties and stumbled across the Bookiebusters forum where I "met" Col, Nick, Matt and others and been on here since.

Yada yada yada, that concludes my trek down memory lane!

Re: Betting Reminiscences

Posted: Sat Mar 28, 2020 2:25 pm
by Col
I was a latecomer to betting really, used to go to the bookies with my mate on a saturday before the pub so he could get his lines on. But it never really interested me.
It wasn't until the Internet appeared that I started having the odd punt on the football. One day I was browsing and I came across a betting forum called Bookiebusters, the lads on there all seemed a great bunch, so I stuck around. :)

Never did make my fortune from the steady drip though.

Re: Betting Reminiscences

Posted: Sat Mar 28, 2020 2:57 pm
by The Fenman
Nah carry on h only just found this . . . . . . :thumbs

Just a quicky i wanted hala bec to win this for 12 k place for 3k . . . . . . .yellow colours on the outside. . . .

Re: Betting Reminiscences

Posted: Tue Apr 07, 2020 1:25 pm
by Matt
I'm not dissimilar to Harry in that I always liked a bet (usually losing I guess) but never really took off until the advent of the internet and I could learn from others.

The concept of spreadbetting, keeping records, mathematical probabilities, spreadsheets, implied chance/odds etc etc were all well within my compass due to my day job (accountant then City banker), but I'd never really thought to apply that to betting. As Harry mentions, stumbling across Bookiebusters was a really good thing for me as I learnt so much from so many others. Applying the skill set that I already had to the world of betting was somewhat of a Eureka moment for me.

I got into spread betting in the very late 90's and that is still what I am much better at. I've had a couple of decent runs on fixed odds campaigns, once making £27k over the course of a year with an RFSP back in 2010, but generally I see fixed odds as a much tougher market than spreads.

Cricket is by far an away my most successful punting sport. The statistics and record keeping that go hand in hand with the game suit my way of thinking about bets/trades. That and the fact that I will happily watch it all day every day. The IPL being cancelled this year is a real blow to me.

I'm by no means one of these heavy hitters you read about from time to time, but I like to think I've now achieved the consistency that separates the successful punters from the less so. I still have a proper job (although who knows if the lock down carries on much longer!).

Despite staking much larger amounts on an almost daily basis these days, I still recall having £20 e/w on Ernie Els in the 2002 Open at 20/1 as one of my favourite all time bets. I'm not sure why (aside from the winnings, obviously), but it just sticks in my mind.

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Posted: Wed Apr 08, 2020 5:36 am
by The Fenman
My golf bet that sticks in my mind was Ian Baker Finch winning the open gawd knows when 66/1 he was i believe went out last with Mark o mera and went 2 clear after the first hole on the last day and stayed there :)

Re: Betting Reminiscences

Posted: Wed Apr 08, 2020 1:45 pm
by PlaceWinner
Good memories, that win in 1991 won me a lot of money and been golf betting ever since!

Remember well the excitement I felt when on the Saturday he had a course record 64. Backed him mainly because he led into the final round in 1984 when very young but could not handle the pressure and Seve won

Re: Betting Reminiscences

Posted: Wed Apr 08, 2020 2:42 pm
by Timmo
1987 had 15 win on Faldo at 40s
Played for my 1st car and 2 weeks in benidorm :lol

Re: Betting Reminiscences

Posted: Wed Apr 08, 2020 2:54 pm
by PlaceWinner
Ah yes at Muirfield , remember it was the year that Paul Azinger first came to my attention

Actually showing the highlights of that win on Sky Sports Mix tonight at 6pm

Re: Betting Reminiscences

Posted: Wed Apr 08, 2020 2:59 pm
by Timmo
Think he had 18 parrs in the final round Placey

Re: Betting Reminiscences

Posted: Wed Apr 08, 2020 4:16 pm
by nick
My favourite golf memory is backing Riika Hakkarainen at 100/1 to win the Ladies Tenerife Open back in 2006. I don't think she has ever won anything else. Since then I must have had well over 100 similar bets without a win :lol .

On the spreads front I recall cleaning up back in 2009 after finding out early (and before the bookies got wind) that Weymouth's 1st team would not be able to play at home to Rushden & Diamonds in the Conference. They had to play their U18's and lost 0-9 '# .

Strangely enough my big losers have all been confined to the dementia of my mind ;-) .

Re: Betting Reminiscences

Posted: Sun Apr 12, 2020 6:51 am
by kenbo
A good thread.

As a kid we used to spend Friday and Saturday nights stood in a pub corridor with my parents. There was two fruit machines in there and they’d try a pound each them. I was mesmerized. Loads of people would give me money to play them when they popped out to the toilet. It sounds like a bad childhood writing it, but I loved it!

Played loads of cards at school, and outside school, and I could always deal myself an ace when I wanted to, even after doing fancy shuffles, so nobody had a clue. By seventeen we were playing for pots in the pub for up to £500, which was a fortune considering I was earning £100 a week.

I’m still waiting for that big win. I’ve had several trebles up on Lucky 15’s at double figure odds for a couple of grand, but can’t get that last one. Hopefully one day!