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Post by ohsosharp5 » Thu Apr 16, 2015 9:12 am

sometimes when we bet one should take a step back , and think hitting the jack pot is nice , but i have the chance over doing a little insurance bet to make a nice profit , i really liked 2 horses in the last so i done a £100 s/fc my m8 said marty dont be daft put £80 straight and £20 the other way for cover ! no i went steam rolling ahead , crazy as i cd have trebled my stake , stupidity , felt gutted lesson learned ! x-) [f/c pated over £16 8(:

BET RECEIPT NUMBER : O/20517364/0006668
Selection Selection Details Result
Horse Racing
17:35 NAT HUNT FLAT 2m
15th of April 2015 5:35 pm
Babbling Stream
Kalopsia Place (2)
Babbling Stream Win (1)

Stake and Return Details
Bet placed at 15th of April 2015 4:25 pm Total Stake £100.00
Bet type Single (To Win) Tax@Tax free 0
Number of lines 1 Total stake due £100.00
Stake per line £100.00 Freebets Redeemed £0.00
Channel Internet Total amount paid £100.00
Number of win lines 0
Number of void lines 0 Returns £0.00
Total Returns £0.00

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