Potential Greyhound syndicate

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Re: Potential Greyhound syndicate

Post by Activefly » Wed Jun 17, 2020 7:49 am

Thanks Stan and col, I will get him to join

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Re: Potential Greyhound syndicate

Post by Hoofhearted » Thu Jun 18, 2020 10:02 am

Good morning all

Thanks for all your positive feedback so far.

It would be much easier if we were able to talk about this over a pint, but both Shaun and I think we are ready to go. I’m trying to be as transparent and cover as many things as possible, as I’m sure it will be a new venture for many.

So just before everyone commits just a few final things that you should be aware of.

As to buying the dog we will be actively able to pursue this now - be it buying one that is already racing , an untraced one or one just having had a few runs in Ireland. All have their positive and negative points, the main thing is trying getting one that will be able to stay the 500m distance - this can be evidenced watching any runs, or though not completely fool proof by looking at breeding and the performance of its siblings if they are racing.

Although I’ve generally had dogs, I’m not adverse to bitches and these can be cheaper- ironically thinking back to a syndicate I was involved with Shaun 10 years or so ago, my memory is fading :lol ... but we probably had 6 dogs between 10 of us and the best two were actually bitches.

A few other key points:
It should be seen as a bit of fun not an investment, therefore I would not recommend anyone buying ‘ two shares etc’ - much easier if we are all equal partners holding the same percentage and paying equal amounts.

When we get the greyhound it will probably be a month or so before it actually races - there is the registration process plus probably 3 trials where the racing office assess its grade, it’s running preference ie likely running style -rails, middle wide, and ensure it’s not a fighter!
The plus point is Sheffield is presently recording trials via a YouTube channel so if this facility continues you will be able to see its trial.

We are only allowed 4 names as owners on the registration form, I therefore strongly recommend we register it as a syndicate- otherwise if say 4 of us register as the owners there’s the hassle of providing passport/ driving licences / utility bills for ID. It will probably be easier if I’m listed as syndicate head as I’m registered as an owner with the GBGB so it should be straight forward ( or if there are issues or is paperwork to be completed I’m probably best placed to go to the racing office.)

Obviously if we go down this route we need a syndicate name- that’s one for another day ( I’d probably go for something innocent or humorous ie steer away from anything indicating we are gamblers to keep under the radar, plus I don’t want the kennel to be seen as a gambling kennel much easier to be under the radar.)

To back this up , I know it’s early stages in Kelly’s training career and with not many runners average figures can be distorted but see what I mean via this website.
http://greyhoundstats.co.uk/trainer_sta ... =1&period=
You can also see the individual SPs by dog by clicking on the trainers name.

Once we are up and running although I can’t see us having an arguments but I’d like us to have an agreement confirming a few things - in particular in the unlikely event of a conflict eg sale of the dog ( I’ve only once had an issue in a syndicate but we received an offer for one but there was nothing decided at the outset and it was a 50/50 call and caused some friction at the time)

Finally looking ahead, I’m pretty big on welfare- I’ve always had retired racers at home, so I’d like to think that once the dogs racing career is over, if we cannot find a home with family and friends we will all agree to pay the monthly kennel bill until a place becomes available at a rehoming centre -I can explain what the provisions presently are, but hopefully this is something 2 or 3 years down the line.

I hope all this is acceptable, but please feel free to ask any questions

Therefore can we start forwarding the £200 purchase price contribution- depending on final numbers if this more than covers the purchase it can be used towards monthly kennel bills etc

For anyone on the WhatsApp group I have placed my bank details on there - if your not on WhatsApp please message me and I will respond.


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Re: Potential Greyhound syndicate

Post by oioiboy » Sat Jun 20, 2020 9:27 am

Just an update for anyone who still interested in joining

we have now got a dog for the syndicate and the dog will hopefully be trialing in the next few weeks.

We have also set up a Whatsapp group to post updates etc

We are still open for anyone to still join if they wish just reply on here or PM Hoofhearted or myself :thumbs

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